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Childrens Dentist in Greensboro

Childrens Dentist in Greensboro

While you may already have your dentist, it’s advisable to consider looking for a pediatric dentist for your child’s oral needs. Pediatric dentists have specialized in providing oral care and treatment to children and may be better equipped to deal with kids compared to a regular dentist. At Atlantis Dentistry, we have a children's dentist in Greensboro and an entire staff that works extremely well with kids. We want all the children walking through our doors to identify the dentist’s office as a pleasant space rather than a scary and intimidating place. We take our time with each patient to ensure your little one experiences effective, personalized, and fun care.

What do Pediatric Dentists Do?

Some of the services your child can get from a pediatric dentist are:

  • Dental Cleaning – Pediatric dentists are trained to carefully clean the delicate gums and teeth of children without causing irritation or harm to the oral tissue. For dental cleaning, they remove any plaque on the teeth and gums to prevent the development of oral health issues.
  • Dental Examinations – Pediatric dentists check toddlers, children, and young adults for gum, mouth, and teeth infections. Some conditions may be hard to detect as a parent until they become painful or advanced. Therefore, taking your child for dental exams is crucial.

How to Choose a Pediatric Dentist

Here are some tips to consider when looking for the ideal dentist to treat your child:

  • Ensure Your Kid is Comfortable – it’s extremely important for your little one to feel comfortable with the dentist. Does the office have a fun and lively atmosphere that your kid enjoys? Is the staff helpful and friendly? Does the pediatric dentist really pay attention to your child and your concerns? All these questions should be considered when looking for a dentist.
  • Specialization – Treating young patients is a lot different from adults and, therefore, requires someone who has had experience in dealing with kids. While any dentist can provide your child with the care they need, a pediatric dentist is more likely to relate with them well and make the entire experience pleasant. Just like you would seek a pediatrician for other medical services for your young ones, so should you for their dental needs.

Why Should You Take Your Kids to a Children’s Dentist?

As a parent or guardian, a children’s dentist will give you useful tips on how to help your child maintain good oral health. They can comfortably answer your questions after having dealt with many cases like your kid’s because that’s what they trained for.

Through a strong emphasis on education and prevention, the pediatric dentists at Atlantis Dentistry will guide you on how to promote optimal dental health for your little one.

Protect Your Child’s Smile

At Atlantis Dentistry, we want children to learn the importance of taking good care of their oral health and, in extension, their general well-being. By giving them an interactive dental care experience at our office, we encourage them to be more proactive about their wellness. Give us a call today on (336) 335-9990 to get in touch with one of the best children's dentist in Greensboro.

Childrens Dentist in Greensboro
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