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orthodontics Calgary

orthodontics Calgary

Most people resort to orthodontic treatments due to aesthetic reasonings. But that’s not the only benefit one should expect from an orthodontic intervention, even if it’s one of the most important ones nonetheless. But, as we, at East Village Dental, will point out, other more urgent problems can be solved via orthodontic interventions.

Orthodontics in  Calgary refers to some clinical methods aiming to restore the teeth’s regular appearance or provide them with one, in case that was never the case. It usually applies to teeth problems in children and teenagers, like crooked, chipped or crowded teeth, as well as those with significant gaps between them, overbite and underbite, or lower and upper teeth not meeting when the jaws are closed.

And the benefits are more than just aesthetic. The essential pros include:

A good-looking smile

The immediate result is a noticeable boost in self-esteem. People with beautiful smiles attract a lot of positive attention, and they tend to be more confident, more charming and imposing.

Oral hygiene is more natural to perform

Since the teeth will be straightened and more uniform, both brushing and flossing will be overall easier to apply. The same goes for other dental interventions like professional teeth whitening and cleaning.

Stronger, healthier teeth

Resorting to orthodontic treatments, especially during earlier stages of life, will help strengthen your teeth and, by the fact that cleaning then will become more natural and more effective, the risk of conditions like worn tooth enamel, cavities, tooth loss or even gum infection, potentially leading to gingivitis will be significantly decreased.

Better nutrition and improved speech

Having more symmetrical teeth will allow you to chew the food better, as well as significantly improving your speech abilities; aspects that make orthodontics in Calgary an essential part of the city’s profile.

Creating the perfect smile

It is often the case that untreated teeth problems in childhood or adolescence tend to advance over the years into more severe forms and can even lead to additional health issues along the way. Misaligned teeth can not only cause set the stage for cavities to occur because brushing as well as flossing become mostly ineffective, but will also provide a breeding ground for bacteria for the same reasons.

And uncontrolled bacterial growth has the potential to cause gum infections, as well as to endanger the heart by entering the bloodstream in case of gum injuries. In recent years, more people have resorted to the orthodontic treatment for some causes, but primarily because of esthetic reasons. Having aligned, straight, healthy-looking teeth is undoubtedly meant to increase self-esteem a lot, which will support the individual’s social functioning in entirely different terms.

Studies have shown that people with white, clean smiles tend to attract more positive attention and are easier to interact with. Orthodontics in Calgary is a dentistry branch that works for the people in ways that will benefit them their entire lives. And East Village Dental comes with some of the most innovative orthodontics techniques on the market, as well as with professionalism, commitment, and top-quality services.

orthodontics Calgary

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