Laser Vein Removal Streamwood Il

Summer is the time of the year for wearing shorts and miniskirts, but it is also the time when the spider veins are most visible. Skypoint Vein is the specialist in laser vein removal in Streamwood, IL, that can help you get rid of the discomfort and pain caused by the spider or varicose veins.

How long does it take for spider veins to go away after laser treatment?

The effects of laser treatment for spider veins will not be immediately visible but, depending on the extent of the treated area, can disappear after two to six weeks. As an immediate effect, you will notice a change in color from dark blue to light red and a slight bump that will typically disappear after a couple of hours.

The skin will gradually change color from red to pink and then to a lighter, more natural shade within a few weeks. Recovery time, however, depends on your body capacity to heal after a laser vein removal in Streamwood, IL.

Usually, the laser treatment is effective in removing the spider veins. However, the procedure requires to be repeated several times for complete healing. The good part is that we do not use any needles, and you will feel lesser discomfort when comparing to other methods.

Do spider veins come back after laser treatment?

There is no guarantee that the spider veins will not return after treatment. The reality is that if you are genetically prone to develop varicose veins, this may be a reaper, regardless of the procedure you follow.

For a better understanding, the spider veins are small, dilated blood vessels created by the internal higher pressure in the veins due to malfunctioning of the vein valves. These will build up, mainly with age, and will be visible under the skin, and can occur anywhere on the body but in most of the cases, they will develop on the legs.

To avoid the spider veins to re-appear after the treatment, we would recommend a few simple things to do:

  • Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight
  • Wear compression stockings but avoid 8wearing tight clothes over waist, legs or pelvis
  • Elevate your legs when resting
  • Wear sunscreen if you are prone to develop spider veins on arms or face
  • Be mobile and avoid prolonged sitting
  • Avoid sauna and hot tubs
  • Visit your dermatologist regularly

Does removing spider veins hurt?

During the laser vein removal in Streamwood, IL, you will feel slight discomfort or a burning sensation which in general will not hurt. There is also no need for anesthesia, but in case you anticipate pain, we will do a topical anesthetic half an hour before the procedure.

Since the treatment will require several sessions, you should be aware of your level of comfort and inform your physician in advance. We would advise you to fix an appointment with Skypoint Vein for a free screening. Based on your clinical needs, we will propose the best course of action.