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There are people all over the world who avoid going to the dentist because of a fear that they have. Some of the fear comes from bad childhood experiences, other fear comes from the movies, and even more of that fear might simply come from the unknown. At Lacamas Dental, we understand that there are some people who are afraid to see us for the first time, but the good news is that we are prepared for that.

Not only do we have a friendly staff of experts who are waiting to give you the very best treatment, but we offer services such as sedation that will make your experience more comfortable and relaxing. If you are dreading the dental procedure that you have to go through, it might comfort you to know some of the benefits of being sedated.

  • Our sedation is performed with modern techniques and is a safe choice during treatment.
  • The patient's perception of pain will be altered, giving them a virtually pain free experience throughout the procedure.
  • The gag reflex is minimized when the patient is sedated.
  • If you or your loved one suffers from a physical or mental challenge, sedation provides a way to get through the dental procedure in a pleasant way.
  • If you have a fear or phobia, you can relax during your procedure.

At Lacamas Dental, we want you to know that you can trust the work we do and can experience a higher level of comfort when you visit our office. Through sedation you can receive the dental work that you need and not have to be afraid, experience an extreme amount of pain, or gag through the entire ordeal. Let us help you get in better oral health. Contact us at (360) 896-5150 to find out more about sedation and what it can do for you.

Oral Sedation

Valium® – Also known as Diazepam is great at relieving anxiety and is used for procedures that are longer in duration and complexity.

Halcion® – Also known as Triazolam it is commonly used to treat insomnia but is also a great sedative for medium length procedures.

Ativan® – Also known as Lorazepam, it is used mainly as an anxiety reducer and for this reason is another great sedative to use during medium length dental procedures.

Nitrous Oxide - One of the Sedatives we use at Lacamas Dental is Nitrous Oxide. This Sedative is commonly referred to as laughing gas. If visiting the dentist is something you put off as long as possible, the use of nitrous oxide could be just the thing you are looking for. It has a calming affect that many of our patients have found ease the process of visiting the dentist. Don't be anxious, ask about using Nitrous Oxide when you visit us next time.