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Massage Vancouver WA

As a courtesy to our patients we offer an hour massage for $40.00 (120.00 value) as a benefit to our patients.

At Lacamas Dental, we are all about making you feel comfortable and beautiful. With our various dental treatments and procedures, your smile can improve by large amounts. But we don’t stop there. We want you to feel as good as you look, which is why we offer massage therapy. A massage can be a great benefit for dental patients for the following reasons:

  • A massage can increase the movement in the jaw and the neck, while removing the pain that comes with the movement.
  • Your circulation will improve with a massage, which promotes faster healing after a dental procedure is performed.
  • Increased circulation will also soften fascia and cleanse the tissues.
  • A massage can offer relief from muscular and structural TMJ.
  • Reduction of headaches and other related pains can occur.
  • Some people who feel stressed at the thought of visiting a dentist can have a way to relax.

Enjoy the benefits for yourself by scheduling a massage today with Lacamas Dental. We want you to have the most rewarding experience of all by allowing you to relax, have the maximum amount of pain relief possible, and not have to feel the stress of being at the dentist.

Schedule your massage in Vancouver WA by calling (360) 896-5150