Washington Dental Service

Dental Care For Those With Washington Dental Service

At Lacamas Dental, we provide the best dental services throughout all of Washington. Our team of highly trained and experienced dental experts is ready to provide you with the most up to date dental care in the industry. We understand that you may have some reservations about visiting the dentist, which is why we strive to make you comfortable and relaxed, while communicating with you and respecting your needs. We provide our customers with a variety of payment options so that they can receive the best care without financial reservation. If you are a member of Washington Dental Service, we are happy to take care of all your dental needs.

Benefits Of Care For Washington Dental Service Clients

With a dental plan from Washington Dental Service, you can expect high quality coverage for our dental services. We work together to make sure you plan is based on prevention so that you can maintain great oral health overall. To really understand your coverage through WDS;

• Read the benefit booklet that you received from WDS. You could also get onto their website for a basic outline of your coverage.

• Understand that different plans will have different features. If you know others who have a plan through Washington Dental Service, their plan might have different coverage than yours.

• Know that we work directly with WDS to submit your claim, which is one less thing you will have to do as the patient.

As you learn more about WDS, you will have a better idea of what you can expect when you visit our office. Really communicate to find out exactly what services are covered so that you can receive the treatment you need and not have to worry about the financial aspect of the visit.

Our Services

Taking care of patients with Washington Dental Service plans, we provide clients with the following:

• Family Dentistry for patients of any age. This includes preventative dentistry dealing with plaque, decay, and gum disease, as well as giving you instruction on what you can do when you get home.

• Cosmetic Dentistry including the following procedures:

o Veneer placement

o Crowns

o Teeth whitening

o Implants

o Bridges

o Fillings

• Oral Sedation that is completely safe and relaxing.

• Modern digital X-rays.

As you can see, at Lacamas Dental, we provide our clients with a wide variety of services so that they can receive the best care in every area. We work with WDS so that our clients can get the care they need without having to worry. Whether you need a routine checkup, are looking for someone to provide you with emergency care, or want to whiten your teeth, contact us today at 360.896.5150.