What To Expect At Your First Dental Visit

Knowing what to expect at your first visit to Lacamas Dental might help you to stay a little bit more at ease. When you are preparing to visit the office, you should collect the following items to bring with you:

  • Contact your previous dentist to get a copy of any full-mouth series of films that you have had done in the last three years.
  • Information about your past medical history. We will need to know what medications you are currently taking and if you have had any illnesses or surgeries recently. We should know what, if any, medications you are allergic to.
  • The four downloadable New Patient forms. If you print this at home and have it completed and ready to go, it could save you some office visit time.
  1. Our Privacy Policy
  2. Notice Of Privacy Practices
  3. New Patient Form
  4. Our Financial Policy

When you make it to your first office visit, you should expect to have an x-ray so that the doctor can see what the structure of your mouth looks like, if there is any tooth decay, and if there are any malformed roots. After an initial examination and after we thoroughly look over your medical history, we will explain to you the treatments that we would recommend and what the costs will be.

Our office is located at 11818 SE Mill Plain Blvd #106, Vancouver, WA, 98684. Click here for directions.