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At Lacamas Dental, we work directly with the Washington State Dental Association to bring the best oral health to clients all over Washington. We understand that not everybody can afford a dental visit out of pocket, and may not have insurance through their employer. Without receiving proper dental care, someone could experience some serious oral health issues, as well as a lack of confidence until their oral health issues become resolved. In addition to the physical limitations that poor oral health could place on them, it could put someone in a financial mess when they simply cannot handle the problem any longer. In order to help with that, we at Lacamas Dental are members of the WSDA so that we can provide clients in all situations with the best dental care so that they can be healthy and happy.

Dental Care For Those With The Washington State Dental Association

Benefits Of Choosing Lacamas Dental

Just like Washington State Dental Association, we believe that the key to maintaining your oral health is education. Whether you have come in for yourself, are visiting with your child, or have brought in your elderly parent, you will learn a lot about how to care for your oral health simply by making a visit. We will discuss with you the process that is taking place and let you know what you can do once you get home in order to maintain good oral health on a regular basis. Some of the other benefits include

• We offer same day emergency visits so that you don’t have to suffer when a dental issue arises after hours or on a weekend.

• Our dental techniques and procedures are the latest and most up to date services around and our staff is continually learning new ways to improve our methods.

• Our patients consistently experience high levels of comfort when they are in our care.

• We provide a variety of services, such as:

o Veneers and crowns.

o Mercury-free fillings.

o Dental implants.

o Digital x-rays which do not use much radiation.

o Botox.

o Massage therapy.

o Safe oral sedation.

o Routine checkups.

o Dentures.

o Treatments for periodontal disease.

• We work directly with Washington State Dental Association to get your insurance claims filed and taken care of, reducing the stress of the payment for you.

Our Commitment

At Lacamas Dental, we are committed to providing every client with individualized care. WSDA is an association that focuses on the oral health of everyone in Washington, and we are also dedicated to helping with that cause. Working together for every client, you can expect the following from us:

• Being our top priority during every visit.

• Communication and an assessment so that we can recommend proper treatment.

• Respect and an allowance to make your own decisions regarding your dental treatment.

• A comfortable and relaxing environment.

• The best and most high quality dental materials and products, allowing us to achieve the best in clinical standards.

We understand that when you receive dental care, you expect to be treated with a lot of care, which is why we are committed to you individually. Working together with WSDA, you can expect the best treatment when you come to us.

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When it comes to your oral health needs, be sure that you understand that choosing the right dentist is the most important step you can make. Together with the Washington State Dental Association, we want to educate you in oral health care practices and give you the most up to date care so that you will not have to suffer with overlooked dental problems. Whether you need a routine checkup, an emergency visit, or are simply interested in learning more about our dental services, contact us today at 360.896.5150.