Teeth 101 - Brushing and Flossing Your Teeth

When a child is born, they have no teeth, but beginning at age six months, they begin to show a few of their twenty primary teeth. These are often referred to as baby teeth. Throughout childhood, the primary teeth are shed and permanent teeth begin to grow in. By the time that person is twenty one years old, they will have thirty-two permanent teeth. Knowing how to take care of those teeth is important for oral health.

How To Brush Your Teeth

  • When brushing the outer portion of your teeth, hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle in relation to your gums.
  • Move your toothbrush in a gentle, circular motion.
  • Make sure to give a good scrub to not only the outer, but also the inner surfaces of the teeth, where you chew food.
  • With the tip of the toothbrush, reach back to the inner portion of the front teeth.

How To Floss Your Teeth

  • Using 18″ of floss, wrap most of it around one finger, and the rest around a finger on the opposite hand, leaving a few inches in between.
  • With your forefingers and thumbs, create a one inch space of floss to go between your teeth.
  • Keeping the floss taut, carefully saw it between two teeth, curve it against one of the teeth, and pull it back out. Repeat between all of your teeth.

Anatomy of a Tooth