Family Dentistry Vancouver WA

Family Dentistry Vancouver WATake care of your family’s smile and oral health by booking an appointment with our family dentistry Vancouver WA specialists. Our dentists are licensed and experienced in working with both adults and children. We offer cosmetic dentistry, sedation, and Botox services, too, and we accept many types of insurance.

Whether you’re considering a cleaning and whitening session, extensive cosmetic dentistry or are just shopping for a local clinic that does family dentistry Vancouver WA, come meet the dentist and staff at Lacamas Dental. Our dentists are as kind and gentle as can be. At Lacamas Dental, we believe that people should be able to keep their own natural teeth for a lifetime. Your chances of retaining your own teeth are vastly improved when you schedule and keep regular visits with a great dentist. Contact us and set up an appointment at your earliest convenience. Procedures that used to require hours now take only minutes. Whitening treatments that used to require two or more hours may now be completed in as little as an hour. Here at Lacamas Dental, we offer first class albeit affordable family dentistry Vancouver WA.

Please don’t wait until you’ve got a mouth full of trouble to visit a dentist. Regular checkups and cleanings will go far toward maintaining a clean, healthy mouth. You dentist now has access to tools and techniques that take the fear and most of the discomfort out of dental care. Your dentist will tell you that brushing and flossing are wonderful habits and ones that should be taught to children from a young age. Many people are nervous about seeing the dentist. Kids who learn that family dentistry Vancouver WA is nothing to fear tend to develop excellent habits as far as scheduling and keeping appointments with their dentist throughout life.